Air Plant Jewelry Founder

Hi, My name is Nina.

I’m the founder of AirPlantNina Symbiotic Living Air Plant Jewelry. I design and hand-craft Symbiotic Living Wearable Air Plant Art, that breathes, grows, and reconnects us to the intelligence of nature; as well as Metaphysical Amulets that harmonize universal ancient wisdom to provide us guidance and protection on our journey.

The jewelry I create is an expression of my purpose in the world. Being of mixed ethnicity, I have always felt a calling to serve as a bridge. 

Through my studies of International Relations and Environmental Politics, I sensed the urgency and need for greater global unity and collaboration on protecting our interconnected planet that supports all of our lives. My mission is to walk this path of empowering creativity, innovation, ultimate expression, and collaboration on the environment along with many others. I am passionate about my career of co-creating environmentally and culturally regenerative ways of life. My immersion in the depth of Japanese culture has also shaped my expression of what I believe is sacred. I especially channel kanji and my Japanese ancestors' culture and energy  in my symbols, and compositions in my jewelry. I like to channel values of harmony with nature, and enlightenment. 

I had always loved being resourceful, reusing and repurposing materials, and making jewelry. I had founded Wiz Amulets in 2016 with the intention to create energetic jewelry that channels ancient wisdom. In March of 2017, I was working at a flower shop kiosk on Valencia Street, SF surrounded by sunshine, flowers, and plants. At this time, I was also studying international relations, and environmental sustainability. One day, all these passions collided to give birth to my living air plant jewelry, that channels the wisdom and intelligence of nature, our ultimate ancestors. From that point forward I have created over 300+ designs with the hope to reach and inspire many people to reconnect their style to nature, and spread this movement. 

I’m grateful to my family and everyone around me that has taught me about my culture, wisdom, encouraged me to be resourceful, re-use, and think creatively, and to those who have encouraged me on my journey and helped me grow. Thank you for listening to my story, and I look forward to thriving with you. If you’re interested in learning more about the Optimal Features of my jewelry, as well as fun care tips, please check out the Care Tips Tab ~ Namaste

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