Intentional Organic Eco-Jewelry Workshops

A journey to Explore our divine creative process by tapping into the wisdom + intelligence of nature! By expanding our planetary awareness and interconnection to all, we reveal our unique gifts and step into our full Creator being. In the end, you will be armed with a new understanding of yourself, and adorned with hand-crafted One-of-a-Kind Eco-Deity Jewelry.

This workshop is geared for all ages, and all sizes of groups. I have taught this workshop at high schools, younger children, as well as at larger festivals.

Organic Jewelry Workshop

Surprise yourself! The Intentional Organic Jewelry workshop is a journey to tune in, and reveal a part of ourselves through art with nature’s materials. This workshop is an exploration and cultivation of your original, divine, creative process that is activated through tapping into the wisdom and intelligence that exists in nature and within yourself.

Together we will take a nature walk to forage for organic materials that call to us, and with consent and respect incorporate them into our jewelry craft. (In this class we will ask each one of you to take a short walk outside and forage for nature’s materials yourself, prior to the class) 

Through a guided crafting meditation, we will weave our intentions and prayers into the creation process of our own original, organic adornments / amulets / temples / statement jewelry, that you will be able to take with you for protection and guidance on your journey- as a living embodiment of style in symbiosis with nature. 

By the end of the workshop, each person will be armed with a new understanding of themselves, and completely unexpected and unique jewelry pieces created by themselves to take home!

* Beginners are also welcomed! *Jewelry Materials will be Provided.

You Got Da Eco-Sass!


Organic Jewelry Workshop



Nina is a Visionary environmental artist, activist, educator, and organizer, ready to birth regenerative futures, and empower systems innovation. As a mixed ethnicity womxn, she feels a calling to unite people across barriers to celebrate diversity and catalyze collaboration on the environment. She expresses her passion through many mediums including event production, dance choreography and eco-fashion. Nina is the founder of AirPlantRings- Symbiotic Living Jewelry made of living plants and organic materials, with the purpose to reconnect our style to nature and ancient wisdom. 


We are all interconnected, We are one with Nature
If we take care of Nature, Nature will take care of us
For Generations and Generations
Now is the time
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