Mission and Purpose

Air Plant Jewelry


Our Symbiotic Living Air Plant Jewelry & Wearable Art-Tekture breathes, grows, and reconnects us to the intelligence of nature; Our Metaphysical Amulets harmonize universal ancient wisdom to provide us guidance and protection on our journey. My Art is a Movement to embody that our style and unique self-expression doesn’t have to be destructive; it CAN BE symbiotic with Earth. Air Plants' natural habitats are trees; we become their walking trees! When you Wear, They get Air, That’s how to Easy Care!™ We revive a sacred ritual and ceremony of caring for nature in our daily lives through our style. We are Regenerative; Wiz Warrior, your symbiotic style will ripple out to shift paradigms.


We  make Symbiotic Living Air Plant Jewelry that breathes, grows with us, and reconnects us to the intelligence of nature, as well as Metaphysical jewelry that harmonizes ancient wisdom, and amulets that provide guidance and protection on your journey.  Our living Wearable Living Art builds community, inspires, shifts paradigms to embody symbiosis with nature, and connects us to our truest expressions of our gifts.


Is that we as a global community can rekindle a greater relationship to nature in our daily life. It is about reviving our sacred, symbiotic relationship with Earth. Taking care of your AirPlantRings is a daily reminder, a ritual, and sacred ceremony for this revival. Our jewelry is a statement that fashion, as it currently operates, does NOT have to be destructive as it is, to the planet. All those Adorned in my jewelry are Earth Wisdom Warriors. By wearing Living Amulets, we are Embodying, and inspiring many others that authentic self expression and style CAN be beautifully symbiotic with the planet. We are a movement, planting a seed for major change, and our  Symbiotic Style will ripple out to shift paradigms. 

AirPlantNina will continue to innovate in sustainable design and styles. We are already working on Air Plant Sculptures and Wearable Clothing Art. Our Goal is to continue to create, and impact communities for a Regenerative Future.


  • Honor Authentic Creative Expression
  • Uplift and Share Universal Ancient Wisdom 
  • Provide Protection and Guidance with Amulets
  • Rekindle a Symbiotic Relationship to Nature 
  • Increase Health and Well-being 
  • Shift Paradigms
  • Become a F(Air)y W(Air)rior !
  • Build Community
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