About Wiz Amulets Metaphysical Jewelry

Wiz Amulets Metaphysical Jewelry

About Wiz Amulets:

Wiz Amulets is the Mother brand, and AirPlantNina is my largest collection that I have been working on for almost 5years ! Wiz is short for Wizdom or Wizard, and Amulets are jewelry for protection and guidance.

Everyone that wears my jewelry is a Wizdom Warrior- wearing the Amor Armor (love armor) working to tune and amplify our energy. My purpose is to reconnect our style to the intelligence of nature and harmonize our universal ancient wisdom, and that our Style can be Symbiotic with the planet! By simply wearing my jewelry, one is making a statement, and embodying that your style doesn't have to be destructive to the plant, but can be symbiotic with the planet. It may seem small, but it ripples out, inspires many and creates change.

I see Wiz Amulets and AirPlantNina as the duality ~ Heavenly and Earthly, Wiz Amulets as the metaphysical qualities of the universe, and AirPlantNina as the earthly emanation of the same wisdom and energy. Both are based  on the sacred geometric patterns present in all of nature and the universe.

I handcraft my designs with a variety of naturally occurring, organic bio-materials, such as living plants, wood branches, bamboo, crystals, shells, earth, found treasures that I upcycle, and materials I’ve foraged in nature, through diverse jewelry-making techniques including: laser cutting, wire-wrapping, 3D printing, and ceramics to name a few.  I weave orbs and geometric shapes, called temples that safely cradle and house the living plants. My amulets especially channel my Japanese ancestors' wisdom, culture and energy in my symbols and jewelry forms. I create original amulets exhibiting a new keycode language called (Ankanji) that is a union of kanji characters, ankhs, ancient symbols, and sacred geometry in nature - to channel the infinite wisdom and powerful metaphysical energy.

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