Festivals We are Vending & Stockist Physical Stores


I Will be Physically vending at Lucidity Festival: Regeneration Earth https://lucidityfestival.com/


1. Lucidity Festival 2022

2. High Vibe Festival 2022

3. All Day I Dream Festival 2022

4. Lightning in the Bottle 2022

5. Koho Creative Hub Launch 2022



Shops that Carry my jewelry: 

1. Hiaka Metaphysical Store, Florida

2. Umba Love, Boulder, Colorado

3. Paxton Gate, San Francisco, California

4. The Golden Hour SF, California

5. Katsura Garden, San Francisco, California

6. The Higher Consciousness, SF, California

7. Diosa Blooms, San Francisco, California

8. Love on Haight, San Francisco, California

9. Heads or Tails Collective, Oakland, California

10. Lobos Del Mar, Nevada City, California

11. The Crystal Corner, Ojai, California

12. The Red House Collective, Kauai, Hawaii

13. The Portal, Maui, Hawaii

14. Jammin' on Maui, Hawaii

15. Exhibit Gallery, Big Island, Hawaii

16. Sweet Cane Cafe, Big Island Hawaii

17. Pahoa Smoothie Shack, Big Island, Hawaii

18. Kalapana Smoothie Shack, Big Island, Hawaii

19. Mystic Closet, Big Island, Hawaii

20. Kalani Big Island Retreat Center, Hawaii

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